Ambius drives innovation with two product launches ‘biOrbAIR’ and the ‘Hideaway’ bait planter

Ambius, the world’s largest interior landscaping company, has today launched two new innovations, the Ambius biOrbAIR and the Hideaway bait planter.

Ambius biOrbAIR seamlessly combines a self-contained mix of nature and technology to provide the perfect conditions for tropical plants to thrive. This unique concept introduces an element of visual freshness into any office environment.

Just like a mini rainforest in your workplace, the biOrbAIR is a visually stunning terranium.

Fully automated and self-regulating, the biOrbAIR’s state-of-the-art features include air circulation which prevents stagnation and condensation, LED lighting with programmed day and night cycles, providing all the light your plants need to thrive as well as automatic misting, which maintains ideal levels of humidity inside the biOrbAIR.

Made from acrylic, and available in two colours (grey or white), the biOrbAIR’s exterior is strong, whilst remaining lightweight enough to move with ease. A discreet water level indicator ensures it is easy to check the level of water in the base of the biOrbAIR and as it doesn’t require natural daylight to function, it can be placed anywhere inside offices, public spaces or buildings.

Hideaway is a unique planter offering a secure and hidden space for a rodent bait station to be located. With a classic container design that is available in three different colours (black, silver and graphite), the Hideaway solves a big problem, that of helping to ensure the exterior of a building is protected, whilst also creating a good impression for visitors.

The clever design of the bait planter also means it is easy for your pest control company to access and service.

Kenneth Freeman, Head of Innovation at Ambius said, “Creating a healthy and natural working environment has proved that it can pay dividends in terms of productivity and office morale. The Ambius biOrbAIR creates a natural and versatile microclimate suitable for a wide range of plant species including orchids and ferns.

“Meanwhile, Hideaway is a unique planter enabling businesses to keep the outside of the premises protected without having to compromise aesthetically by having bait boxes on show at building entrances or exits.”

Find out more about Ambius by viewing their company profile, here.

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